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Boys Dreaming Soul (Neil Sheasby) LTD AUTHOR-SIGNED FIRST EDITION


Boys Dreaming Soul (Neil Sheasby) LTD AUTHOR SIGNED FIRST EDITION.


Positively received by readers with 5 star amazon reviews.

Charting Neil's music-themed experiences prior to the forming of Stone Foundation, Boys Dreaming Soul is a must-have read for its honest and thought-provoking approach to growing up at a time when dreams and ambition were a far-flung entity for working class youth during the Thatcher years; yet made all the more aspirational to attain. With it's witty anecdotal style, this book is destined to rekindle the trials, fun and musical soundracks of youth for many readers. A music experience in print and a feast of nostalgia for all to enjoy and relate to.


Boys Dreaming Soul revisits the colourful, humour-soaked music obsessed travels of Stone Foundation, bass player, Neil Sheasby and his close sidekick, Hammy. Reciting Neil’s formative years of the 70s through to a 1980s coming-of-age, this is a tale of shared musical epiphanies and a soul-searching desire to musically create and perform. Laced with self-deprecating humour, tragedy and record shop culture… the onus on a special friendship exemplifies a story relative to anyone with a yearning to revisit the adventures of their youth. Touching, funny and heart-warming, Boys Dreaming Soul packs a nostalgic punch packed with a meticulously modernist approach to detail.

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