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Webstore: Products For Sale

Away From the Numbers: to be Someone in the 1980's LAST COPY


Away From the Numbers: to be Someone in the 1980's LAST COPY


From 15 year old rebel punk with an attitude in 1980 to ‘dad to be’ at the end of the decade, ‘Away from the numbers’ continues the story of the 70’s kid on a red chopper bike throughout the 1980’s.

A decade that sees the lad’s hopes and dreams tasted and then lost: from performing in The Way to crowds of Mods in Scarborough, emulating his hero Paul Weller, to creating a ‘Do it Yourself’ magazine and Del Boy styled market stall ventures, this is a journey of struggle, friendship, self-belief and determination!

Laced with humour, straight-talking self-honesty and reawakening the naivety, mistakes and escapades of being young... never losing sight of his pit village roots, here is the 1980’s told from another side of the track... a place where the world of mortgages, routine and responsibilities don’t yet exist.

Ducking and diving through the years; a passionate love of music his obsession and a yearning to be someone in a time of yuppies, mullets, greed and Thatcherism... ‘Away from the numbers’ promises to reach and explore the parts many other books fail to reach!


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